I am an amputee, a diabetic and a cancer survivor. These challenges have changed how I live my life, but they do not define my life. They are merely obstacles that every day I must overcome so I can concentrate on what does define me and what really matters; my roles as a father, a husband and a prosthetist in my own company, Bulow Orthotic & Prosthetic Solutions.

Fighting cancer and living with an amputation is hard and some days darn near impossible. In an odd way, I consider myself lucky. I survived cancer while many do not, and I had the energy and the blissful naivete of youth to help me deal with the amputation.

My road in life has not been easy, but it has led me to amazing places. On a different course, I may not have met my wife who has given me three wonderful children. A different direction could have led to athletic mediocrity rather than collegiate honors, a national tennis title and a world record in the Paralympic Games. Without the challenges I faced, I would not have pursued a career path that has led me to help thousands of people live a more comfortable and active lifestyle—what amazing rewards!