Rachel Pentecost's life forever changed on May 21, 2013. She was leaving a church revival on a rainy night in Kentucky when she was involved in a horrific car accident. Her car hydroplaned into a tree. She was pinned in her car so severely it took first responders more than three hours to extract her from the vehicle before she could be transported to a nearby hospital. Upon arrival, she required immediate resuscitative efforts three times and doctors said only a miracle would save her life.

Rachel’s parents, the Rev. Darren and Kathy Pentecost, were allowed into the ICU to spend what they feared would be their last moments with their daughter, but after Rachel survived a few hours, a transport to Vanderbilt via LifeFlight was arranged.

Rachel spent thirty-four days at Vanderbilt. As a result of the car accident, she required an above the knee amputation, seven surgeries, seven kidney dialyses and 96 units of blood. The Pentecosts say Rachel would not be here today if it weren’t for God and the medical staff at Owensboro Health Regional Hospital & Vanderbilt Medical Center.

At the time of the accident, Rachel was in school to become a beautician. Since she is re-learning how to walk and making progress with extensive therapy, she’s set a goal to one day work in health care, possibly physical therapy, saying it would be wonderful to help people going through a similar experience to hers.

“I’m sad that I lost my leg, but I’m so grateful to be alive and so grateful to wake up every day and know I got another chance at life,” Rachel said. “The state I was in, I should have died, but God gave me another chance. I’m so happy I get to live life to the fullest again.”